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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

The Middle East, Grouper, Zola Jesus, Massive Attack

band members

Bree Tranter - Vocals & Keys Benson Gunner - Guitars Andy Campbell - Guitars Michael Haydon - Drums Joseph Ireland - Bass


M83, Washed Out, Beach House, Jonathan Wilson, Timber Timbre



Ethereal singer-songwriter and striking multi-instrumentalist Bree Tranter is an unstoppable musical force, and true to her ever-growing trajectory, her highly anticipated debut full-length solo record ‘Another Night on Earth’ is now available digitally and soon to come 12” vinyl. Written and recorded over the course of two years in nine different studios across Australia, this album is the pinnacle of Bree’s current and established musical identity as both a front-woman, visual artist and songwriter. She borrows sounds and lyrical themes that far exceed the boundaries of an Australian or genre-specific influence, to form a unique project in the cultivation and convergence of music, sex and love through bold self-exploration.

Hailing originally from Townsville, Bree has been omnipresent in the Australian music scene since 2009. Boldly recognised as a vocalist, flutist and keyboardist for the now disbanded but revolutionary indie/folk group ‘The Middle East’, she has since built on their legacy and firmly established her own unique space as an independent solo artist. Having already created rich playing history in support tours of her own for Jarryd James, Matt Corby and Oliver Tank, she currently works full-time as a multi-instrumentalist for Matt Corby, helping to tour his debut full length record ‘Telluric’. Bree has also worked as a session musician for Thelma Plum, Oliver Tank, Emma Louise, Passenger, Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton horse, Kate Martin,, Timberwolf and Jordan Ireland (The Middle East) in the past.

‘Another Night on Earth’ is an enchanting and beautifully crafted offering that ebbs and flows between lush, angelic dream-pop and hushed, glitchy electronica. Over the course of 11 songs, the album morphs between two distinct moods. A series of hypnotic downbeats, luscious keyboards, atmospheric synthesizers and drum samples are hypnotically arranged such that you are powerless to Bree’s siren vocals, and epitomize the primal velvet undertow to the A side of this record, but this musical journey really comes to life in Bree’s latest single ‘Tuesday Fresh Cuts’ through the introduction of a sprawling live band consisting of close friends in music; Michael Haydon (Drums, The Middle East), Matt Corby (Bass) and more. The band takes a stand behind Tranter like a family in this record, who compose and collaborate with Bree to form the upbeat body language and drive that brings record home. Commanded always by the chilling honesty of what is no doubt Bree's most striking vocal performance to date, the combination of these elements with Tranter’s keyboard and flute compositions is something to call truly progressive. Bree reinterprets what is the true potential of her unique voice, as she illustrates pure honesty in some bone-hollowing climaxes, and tender gut-wrenching messages of self-discovery, higher consciousness, ego and ownership, and how they all interweave to form her own every-day struggles in music, sex, and love.

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Coming soon the ‘Another Night on Earth’ vinyl.

Watch ‘Tuesday Fresh Cuts’ film clip here.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

16 Apr 2020

Triple J

It's like I'm really drifting through this track. Nay, scratch that, I'm going for full submersion. Bree has treated us to a luscious and jazzy late night symphony.

It's like I'm really drifting through this track. Nay, scratch that, I'm going for full submersion. Bree has treated us to a luscious and jazzy late night symphony.


Review by Bridget Hustwaite Bridget Hustwaite

21 Nov 2015

Triple J