Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Innocents, The Who, The Standells

band members

Wayne Crisp(Guitar), Dan Graver(Bass)& Kenny White(Drums


Mod Scene, Merseybeat, Brit Pop


The Breed are a band that knows exactly what their brand is and sticks to it. The Breed play 60s style music in an 80s power pop/post punk style and suggest you "Think Ramones with musicianship, better manners than the Sex Pistols and less political than The Clash, yet sounding like none of these bands". I can hear you thinking about that from here! They play a unique blend of 60s punk, merseybeat, mod, 60s American Garage, power-pop and original material in the same vein, The Breed are due to officially release their third album called "Play My Game" on 1st November 2016. This album contains 20 original handcrafted catchy retro pop tunes. The Breed's advice is to get your copy, because after all, everyone deserves to "Play My Game". The current line up of the Breed features; Wayne Crisp (Guitar), Dan Graver (Bass) and Kenny White (Drums).