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Indie, Pop, Roots


AYLA, Lana Del Ray, Meghan Trainor, Lorde, Fleetwood Mac, Ed Sheeran

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AYLA, Sahara Beck, Bearfoot, Kim Churchill



The music of Australian singer/songwriter Bri Green is a soundtrack to life growing up on the Sunny Coast. Her understated delivery of heartfelt lyrics, captures an emotional intensity well beyond her years. Bri’s debut EP ‘Talking to the Moon’ is a soulful offering that speaks of love, loss and coming of age.
Bri’s passion for music began when she was introduced to the piano at 5 years of age. In her early teens she began to compose her own music and by 16 had amassed an impressive repertoire of original arrangements. Bri taught herself to play guitar and quickly developed her own unique style which, when coupled with her entrancing vocals, evolved into a truly original sound, earning her instant respect from the most accomplished musicians. Inspired by a wide variety of music from blues to country, folk and pop, Bri’s songs have an appeal which crosses genres and generations.
In her final year of High School, Bri began to frequent open mic nights around the Sunshine Coast and captivated audiences with her natural stage presence and sincere performances. After winning her Junior Eisteddfod in Grade 12 it became clear that she belonged on the stage. A week after her 18th birthday, Bri caught the eye of some promoters at an open mic night and was offered a spot at the 2016 Caloundra Music Festival.
After rubbing shoulders with some of Australia’s best musicians at her first festival gig, Bri was inspired to start recording. As her gigging schedule grew busier, Bri hit the studio to work on her debut EP, the independently produced ‘Talking to the Moon’. The EP features five original compositions, opening with the dreamy, hypnotic ballad ‘Golden Waters’ and following with the melodically complex ‘Tokyo’ and then the haunting title track ‘Talking to the Moon’.
2017 looks to be a busy year for Bri Green as she tours the east coast of Australia in her van ‘Lady’ but you’re still just as likely to find her busking on a street corner as you are to catch her at a venue or music festival as she expands her horizons personally and musically.