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Dance, Indie, Rock, Roots

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Trent Morgan - drums/harmonica/vocals; Daisy Morgan - bass


Rolling Stones, Beatles, Small Faces, Free, Paul Desmond, JJ Cale, The Animals, The Faces, Howlin' Wolf, BB King, T Bone Walker, Eric Burdon and War, The Kinks, Curtis Mayfield, Neil Young, Steve Miller, The Who, Cream - Many many more,



Some great music in Australia is coming out of a tiny studio in Mullumbimby. That’s where you’ll find Broadfoot - one of the Far North Coast’s busiest bands, a three-piece whose gigs leave listeners charged with pleasure and with an imperative urge to dance. Broadfoot's music is deeply rooted in superb musicianship - the interplay between band members as well as improvising - a rare feature in music of today, one of the band’s great strengths. Broadfoot’s music defies easy categorisation. The band is influenced by an enormous range of music, musicians and music styles - from classic rock to blues music, reggae, jazz, soul, disco, funk, country, folk, classical, just about any style. These influences fuse into a sound the band describes as “optimusic”. Songwriting and lead vocals are shared amongst the band, and their warm 2 part harmonies are a distinguishing feature of Broadfoot’s live sound. Their original track “The Timeless Groove” won the 2010 Dolphin Award for Best Funk Song, with "Ocean" a finalist in best Rock/Metal/Alternative (told you they're difficult to categorise), and 2013's Dolphin for best Rock song recognised "In Your Playground" as the best rock song born on the North Coast that year. Songs from Broadfoot's CDs receive airplay on local independent radio stations as well as ABC Radio North Coast, where the band came close to blowing up the studio as the first non-acoustic act to be invited to perform live to air. Footage of ASP Junior World Champion flowed effortlessly with "Ocean" as its soundtrack in WAVES Magazine's No Direction DVD in November 2012. Motivated by a shared and consuming love of playing music anywhere, any time, These days Broadfoot are focused on playing the thriving North Coast market scene, plenty of space and lots of colour around - suits the Broadfoot sound well.