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Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Brodie Trent

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Brodie Trent McKay


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Refused, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Silverchair, Vangelis , Tangerine Dream , Ryuichi Sakamoto, Akira Kurosawa , Terrence Malick, Paul Schrader , Daniel Clowes, Observing human behaviour , Anxiety

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MUTO, Lonelyspeck


Brodie Trent McKay might have been making music since his earliest memories, but 'Brodie Trent' simply began as a home recording project to scratch one of his many story telling itches.

After spending 48 hours stuck in Japan's Narita Airport and a hellish flight home, Brodie realized something was very wrong. The small business he started in the building industry five years prior, with the goal of giving himself time and funds to pursue his many film, writing and music projects, was ultimately doing nothing but making him unhappy. Immediately upon his arrival back in Australia, Brodie got to work on closing his business and made the empowering decision to spend the next few years devoting himself to his creative projects.

The first step was to finish writing his screenplay 'If You're Watching This, I'm Already Dead,' a mockumentary/musical about a predominantly housebound musician, heavily influenced by his own experiences as a performer suffering from a debilitating anxiety disorder. In the first few weeks of writing, Brodie quickly realised that he needed nail down the most important aspect of the project before he could continue any further... the songs.

Locked up in his studio with various pieces of interesting recording gear he'd gathered over the years, months passed by before he noticed that the screenplay seemed to have been shelved for the time being, and that music was his immediate focus for right now...