Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Offspring, The Living End, The Foo Fighters

band members

Damien Johnson - Vocals & Lead Guitar, Matt Gall - Bass, Chris Johnson - Drums


Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Led Zepplin


Formed in middle 2004, the Broken Arm was born phoenix-like from the ashes of Damien's previous band. Teaming up with his brother, Chris, they played at varous venues, but something was missing. After going though 2 previous bassists, the Yakk joined in 2005, being accepted after a most selubrious 2-hour jam session. The Broken Arm played the late 'Indie Temple' for a few months and then went on to play for The Living Room, The Zoo, The Alley & Ric's Bar. Damien's supercharged solos and rich rythm are driven by burly bass and driving drums, with vocals riding shotgun. After a week of blood sweat and tears in the Chartsong Studios ('The Veronicas'), The Broken Arm have released their debut single; Fat Bastards. The Single 'Fat Bastards' epitomises The Broken Arm's anti-establishment ethos. A policy of correcting politics and social responsibility make the message real. The Broken Arm live their words. Each member of The Broken Arm plays with skill and a naked soul, baring the raw emotion of music to their listeners.