Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Bob Dylan, wilco, Broken Splendour

band members

Thomas Vecera - guitar/vox, Steve Bourke - drums, Ben Christiansen - bass


wilco, Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan


Born in Houston, Texas and calling Austin home Thomas Vecera, now permanently based in Melbourne, is a musician whose prevalence in the music scene has been established for over a decade, involving various solo albums and stings locally and internationally. In 2009, after leaving two solo albums Another Night Somewhere Else and Strange Company in his wake, Thomas put together a set of songs which would become his latest project, Broken Splendour. The result was the well received EP, On the Bright Side. Teaming up with producer/engineer extraordinaire Tony Salter (Bloc Party, Crowded House), Broken Splendour will be releasing a new self-titled EP in Jan 2012. The sound can only be described as pure Splendour creating lush and melodic sounds mixed with Thomas' moody yet thoughtful way with words. Broken Splendour will spend 2012 promoting the EP and are planning dates throughout Australia.