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Pop, Indie

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Conor Oberst, Josh Pyke, damian rice

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Band of Horses, gregory page, Ray Lamontagne


Flashback to September 2010 I'm at Rebeccas, a cafe in South Park, San Diego. It's around midday and I'm just passing time trying to get some writing done, along with some bagel eating and coffee drinking. I watch a couple walk in. The guy holds the door, wearing a big grin. He orders for the both of them, pulls her chair out for her to sit down. If you're comparing Hollywood romance checklists, his is covered in red ticks. But something is off. Her body language is oozing disinterest. The polite young man is, clearly smitten to be blessed with her company and seems blissfully unaware of the oncoming train of emotion headed straight for him. The next 5 minutes I cant help but watch his heart be systematically ripped from him like he's Ralph Wiggum at a Krusty the Klown show with Lisa Simpson. Call me insensitive but I immediately saw the potential to get the creative juices flowing, so I started to write down exactly what I was seeing, his whole body was dejected, wanting to burst into tears, it seemed, but his face was smiling, almost as though he thought if he just smiles and acts as normal, she might change her mind. Then she left him. I kept glancing up from my notepad, and he never stopped wearing the awkward smile, although the corners of his lips were turned down and his eyes were glistening in the sunny cafe. I went home that day feeling sad for the guy, knowing exactly how he feels, and I still hope, to this day, that writing the song "I Care More Than You Do" in honour of his sad afternoon, and every girl whosever left me in similar states is enough to make up for my creepy fly on the couch voyeurism. I hate bio's. A list of things I've done or am about to do seems antiquated. As if telling you that I once was paid a handsome sum to play at an after school care program is going to compel you to listen to my music or call me and hand me a multi million dollar record contract. At this point, musically, I have no interest in telling you where I've been or where I'm going. What matters is what I'm doing and who I am right now. The answer to both of those is this song. And it's coming very soon. My name is Broni, I'm from Australia. I'm a singer songwriter. All my songs are free and I have a new one out soon, that's all ya need. Nice to meet you, we'll probably like each other. I'm an enthusiastic student in the school of life, and I'm running for class captain.