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Rock, Roots

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Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan

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Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed


Drawing on influences such as Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, BoM is an acoustic rocker with a need to tell stories of love, conflicts, culture, and political views. Brotherofman captures the raw passion and intensity of a man voicing to the world what he needs to say, accompanied by an ever present scorching harmonica dripping in heartfelt emotions. The result is a fusion of rock and blues, delivered with passion, warmth, and a genuine lively presence. Artists of Influence Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Violent Femmes, John Butler Trio, Paul Kelly, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Mick Hart, The Sleepy Jackson, Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe, Angus & Julia Stone.