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Roots, Indie

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James Grim, Matt Grim, Chris Lichti, Stephen Devlin

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Brothers Grim and their sex-voodoo-delta-blues-a-billy music was established in 2007 when the ‘Inabinet’ brothers - James and Matt Grim (Guitarist to look out for in 2011 - Australian Guitar Player Magazine) began writing songs inspired by the Blues music they grew up listening to. With the help of Stephen Devlin on drums and Chris Lichti on double bass, Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders created a concoction of distorted 20’s to 40's blues influences repackaged into an unwholesome, moon howling, sweat dripping, groin shaking fervour. Aside from their mutation of the Blues with a Rock sensibility (a sound often described as ‘Dangerous’), the majority of their reputation has been built from electric live shows that combine charm and humour with explosive performance. "Howlin' Wolf in an AC/DC T-shirt on too much cocaine" Inpress magazine. After three years of constant touring and sold out shows all along the east coast, Brothers Grim have finally taken their unrelenting blistering stage performance and sonically bludgeoned it into their debut album ‘The year to forget’.!/BrosGrimBlues