Artist info


Indie, Rock

band members

Alec Florence Tony McDougal Adam Smith Chris Vlatko


Sticky fingers, Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, Gyroscope

Unearthed artists we like

Larsen, Chiara La Woo, Ambleside, The Lizards


The Brothers Grimm, Rock N Roll four piece hailing from Adelaide, SA. Formed in late 2014 after meeting whilst studying at the same college. A mutual friend had a spot on a bill that needed to be filled so the lads got together a very impromptu set and put their hands up to play. After a pretty successful and debaucherous night The BG's came to be.

With one foot planted firmly in energetic rock, the band explore each other's very different musical influences to create an original and diverse sound.

Debut EP available here.