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Sounds like

Tool, muse, QOTSA

band members

Dez Richardson- Vocals,Keys Carmine Pirone - Drum Anthony Santella - Guitars Paul Johnson - Bass, Vocals


Frank Zappa, led zeppelin, Tool


Brown Study (a state of deep absorbsion or thoughtfulness) began jamming together in 2005 with intensions of writing "no rules" music. That is, no specific songwriter and no pre-empted ideas. The product was to be based entirely on the chemistry and the instincts of the musicians in the room at the time. The material is all about the musical journey - the audience being in one place and then thrown to another. Although seeming very intense, conceptually the music is very "laid-back aussie!" The Brown Study Band is currently gigging around Perth and is looking to become Legendary Rock Gods! It is fun, it is epic, it will entertain you.