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Dance, Hip Hop

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Brunsy - Vocals


Royce da 5' 9", Jay-Z


Grew up in Rileys Hill (a small town), a place where we had to make our own fun. I used Hip-hop not to escape but to embrace the world as it is and for what it can be. Over time I believe my use of rhyme has changed, from simple melodies, to more complex collaborations and remixes. I'm not looking to be known, simply to be heard. If the music I create (Produced by Chas Storer) can be played and enjoyed, then my mission is complete, if I can make a positive influence on an individual then I have exceeded my own expectations.

2017 is Brunsy's time to show the world what he is all about. Brunsy has released his new EP "Brunsy's 6 Beer Boogie" 10-01-17, which shows a new side to his music. Again collaborating with the musical master "Chassy Cash" who produced the entire EP and featured on numerous tracks. This EP is a joy to listen to, making you move your feet and bring your heartrate up so you can dance all night and boogie 'til dawn.

Check out the Brunsy's new dance EP below:

Download the EP here

Enjoy and share the love!