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seth sentry, hilltop hoods, thundamentals, spit syndicate, funkoars

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xxi, 7ravesty, Seth Sentry



Imaginative artist and storyteller BTRAIL MC invents songs that overflow with lyrical rhymes and intricate beats. A master of groove and structure, he tells vivid, personal tales of his life experiences in a commanding narrative voice full of feeling that demonstrates his deep talent for musical poetry. He time travels through memories with energetic performances and well-crafted recordings as he mesmerizes listeners by mixing clever, observational rap-inspired lyrics with lush instrumental layers and unexpected rhythms inspired by great prophets and musicians of hip-hop, grunge, metal, classic rock, punk, funk and many other genres.

Gold Coast native BTRAIL MC has always gravitated towards music with upbeat melodies featuring vocalists capable of tapping into pure emotions. He spent his early years listening to classic rock as well as local bands and hip hop groups. He began to put together mixtapes by recording songs off the radio and learned how to play drums and eventually bass with his heart set on joining a rock band. As he experimented with creating his own music, he wrote vivid poems and essays about his own life’s adventures that he recited to bass lines. His creative world was opened when he first heard Nirvana and was wowed by the rawness of Kurt Cobain’s songs and his ability to share an intimate piece of his soul through his art. As a teenager, His mother gifted him a program called ejay, which allowed him to put together his own beats from short loops and to record vocals. Using this program, he fine-tuned his production skills and put all the musical pieces living within him together into sophisticated, multi-layered tracks for the first time. As he began to listen to Aussie hip-hop acts like The Hilltop Hoods as well as the comical rap style of Eminem’s comical rap and philosophical, emotionally-charged tracks by Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, he realized his artistic message was best expressed through hip-hop, and in 2000, he confidently entered the music industry.

An enthusiastic participant in the Aussie hip-hop scene, BTRAIL MC has also been a part of several successful crews, including Sus Rukus and Dark Knightz, which has helped him develop a strong voice as a solo performer. BTRAIL MC has also performed live on bills with a number of other well-known emcees and crews, including Bliss n Eso, Drapht, Delta, Muph n Plutonic, Def Wish Cast and The Optimen and worked with producers such as Mules, Dazastah,, Khesrow, Skinna, Global Tracks, Scotopic Visions, Warlock, DJ Centipeed, Mr Nat and R11. He is currently in the studio producing new tracks and planning his touring schedule for 2015.


Reviewed by Hau Latukefu Hau Latukefu

20 Feb 2012

Triple J

Big fella has a good sense of rhythm. Solid effort.

Big fella has a good sense of rhythm. Solid effort.