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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

David Lynch

band members

Callum Presbury (vox) Sandy McNab (Guitar/vox) Rob Bailey (Bass) Paul Hitchens (Drums)


Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Blockheads

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Other Chris



10 years in 2020...

The Bughunt set is as diverse as its players, fusing soul, rock, funk, rockabilly, afro, celt, indie keeping the body and spirit moving with engaging and humorous stories of tragedy, revelation and redemption. Rich guitars counterpoint dynamic bass and drum arrangements all with the Bughunt signature quirky pop styling and musical flair. You might hear influences from Talking Heads, The Blockheads, Elvis Costello, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Doobie Brothers but it is all very Bughunt.

Each band member has a unique but colourful history and together make this coterie one of the more notable rock acts in Australia, featuring members from Oz music giants The Sports (Paul Hitchins), AC/DC in their 70s prime (Rob Bailey), and founding member and song-writer Sandy McNab. New frontperson and sonic chameleon Callum Presbury takes matters from a whisper to a scream. This rowdy lot have found a home in Bughunt.

Launched way back in 2010 the good ship Bughunt was nearly lost at sea several times, but a shared obsession for a well crafted melody and a passion for creativity and live performance bellows breath back into the mainsail, attracting new buccaneers with dreams of rock and roll, sing-a-long choruses, sticky carpets, and monstrous guitar effects boards.

Fremantle based Bughunt have grafted their way onto countless local stages, released two EPs to establish themselves as regular around WA. During the lockdown of 2020 they remained busy song-writing and are set to release a string of singles through 2020 and 2021.