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Metal, Punk, Rock

band members

Ned - (Vocals & Guitar) Gaston - (Guitars) Glen - (Bass) Pete - (Drums & Percussion)


Kevin Bloody Wilson, Blood Duster, TISM, Cosmic Psychos, Frenzel Rhomb, Pantera, Megadeth



Bunyip started out as a one-off side project back in early 2012 with 3 mates, (then, all members of various Ballarat heavy metal bands), deciding to get drunk and get recording some heavy songs with their extremely basic home recording setup. After over a year of the project being abandoned, Bunyip returned with a new bass player and swiftly recorded a 5-track demo at home.

Over time, their sound has evolved somewhat and become less one dimensional. The band enjoy experimenting with many genres but always maintain a unique sound that is unmistakenly Bunyip. With a new drummer onboard, a debut album is in the works and the band are looking forward to gigging their humourous brand of heavy music in the very near future.