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Indie, Rock, Roots

band members

Aidan Moller (guitar/vocals), Joe Mueller (bass/guitar/vocals), Caspar Hawksley (guitar/vocals), Caitlyn Hearne (vocals), Ciara Ferguson (keys/vocals), Aidan Mcdonough (organ/keys), Zed Crawford (drums), Zach Wachtel (drums).


Burjon is an independent band formed in Adelaide in late-2017. Their music draws on a range of styles and eras, from 60's pop, to 80's indie and 90's alt-rock.

Following the release of their singles 'Today' and ‘Seasons’ late last year, Burjon have just returned from a brief tour playing to new crowds in Melbourne and Canberra. The group are releasing their third single in April, with more projects to come in the near future.