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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Andy Shauf, Dawes, The Kooks, #1 Dads, Fleet Foxes

band members

Evan Buckley - vocals, acoustic guitar Hannah Beasley - vocals, keys Clarke Finn - vocals, bass Sam McNair - vocals, guitar Steve Fitzgerald - drums


Bill Callahan, Simon and Garfunkle, David Bazan, Mia Dyson, Big Thief


Evan Buckley (The Burley Griffin) grew up in Canberra, homeschooled in a religious fundamentalist cult, and has since hitch hiked and toured through 37 American states, exorcising and befriending his demons along the way. His most recent US tour took place during the 2016 election with songs emerging reflecting the absurdity of the American dream.

The third Burley Griffin album, Lost Limbs, was launched with a twelve piece, beefed up band on June 26th 2021 to a sold out theatre at The Street, celebrating a vinyl packed with moving songs of loss and joy.
Recorded over several years and hundreds of hours of detailed attention by Lou Montgomery, Lost Limbs features the musicianship of Tate Sheridan, Sam King (Burrows), Emma Kelly (Happy Axe) and Rowan Phemister, alongside band members Steve Fitzgerald, Sam McNair, and Steve Paillas.

Now joined on stage by "Reverend" Michael Bones, Hannah Beasley and featuring an energetic new rhythm section in Ben Cumming and Aidan Bairstow, The Burley Griffin has seen Evan's songs accompanied and interpreted by some of both Australia's and the USA's most intuitive musicians.