Artist info



Sounds like

Foo Fighters, Fozzy, AC/DC, Dsiturbed, Metallica

band members

Andrew "Ponch" Bayada - Vocals
Kane Strangwidge - Guitars
Mathew Creese - Guitars
Amy-Lee Kjoller - Bass
Matthew van Schyndel - Drums


Faith no more, Evergrey, Billy Idol, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden

Unearthed artists we like

The Jerk Patrol , RED BEE , Godfrey Turner Overdrive


The Burn Card is a hard rock band from Orange NSW, a hotspot for producing quality bands of all genres in recent times. Well up in that mix of bands, The Burn Card has been labelled by local media as a "Powerhouse" and "Heavy rock Juggernaut" with an energetic live show, strong songwriting ability and powerful lyrical content.

The Burn Cards debut EP Deadman's hand is available at all gigs and at Aftershock Records in Orange.

"From the ashes of some of the towns most talented bands comes a new powerhouse, The Burn Card" - Photo News (Orange), May 2011. “Always an admirable live performance ” Jon Carter - 107.5fm Orange Radio "This Powerful band is growing from strength to strength, so its best to get on board now" Entertainment - Central West Photo News “An electric mix of old school rock and new industrial rock” Nicole Kuter - Central Western Daily