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Pop, Punk, Rock

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Propagandhi, The Sidekicks, Luca Brasi, Spraynard

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Punk , Rock, Hip Hop, Pop



Pretty much had the same shittiest, boringest bio for years.. so this is a frills free no bullshit one im just going to type straight up. We are together making music because we love what comes out, a little bit of free beer now and then, and lets face it, an excuse to get away from the mrs sometimes. Our style is unknown to us because who knows what your own band sounds like?! it just sounds like us. for me i think my voice is a little boring and mundane for my liking but i do try hard, for pete he probably plays the odd note here and there thinking 'man, i wish i played that one better' and kian just thinks he's vinnie colaiuta which he pretty much is. But to someone listening, we hope it sounds together, a little sweet and from the heart.

We all listen to heaps of different music so listing bands or genres is probably a waste of time, the only way i can show you what we sound like is for you to listento our recordings. There is plenty there. An album, a split and recently an EP. The EP we think is seerrk and we have been told by many, that after 3 or 4 listens, they think its seerrkk too.

We have played with the likes of some pretty awesome bands in our time. Some we listen to now days and some we dont. Chilling Winston, No use for a name, Grim Fandango, The Unseen, Castle Bravo, Stand Defiant, Strung Out, Stolen youth, A wilhelm Scream, ten points for glenroy, them sharks, Lagwagon, ten foot pole, learning fishing, hightime, Anchors etc, etc. the list continues but youre probably bored already and i cant remember all of them, as awesome as they are.

You should come to one of our shows! we play around the city from time to time and the odd interstate show. peace