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Punk, Rock

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Rob Haddow - Guitar/vox Ace Chapman - Bass/vox Max Donohue - Drums


The Pixies, The Vines, Pile, Mudhoney, The Lemonheads, The Dirtbombs


Melbourne outfit The Burning Roaches are a handful of abrasive, crunchy grunge goodness and fuzzy feedback drawing from 90’s nostalgia. Fueled by late night viewing of rage on the ABC, Roaches return with a twisted claymation for their latest single “Jeff.”


The Melbourne trio deliver stellar instrumental arrangements and vocally powerful choruses while remaining faithful to their garage rock sound. – Beat Magazine

This band made me want to grow my hair long, wear a flannie and smoke copious amounts of weed. The Burning Roaches garage sound shines through. This is not the kind of the band you crowd surf too, instead sway along with a satisfied smirk on your face as these guys do their thing.” – Ragged Press