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Sounds like

meshuggah, job for a cowboy, the black dahlia murder

band members

Joey Andres (Vocals), Kosta Hatziandreou (Guitar), Jonny Hatziandreou (Bass), Alex Vitale (Drums)


job for a cowboy, meshuggah, the black dahlia murder


Burnt At The Stake are a young four piece act forming in Sydney in late '08. All coming from different musical backgrounds, the members have a diverse quantity of influences, they aim to write music that is not only heavy, but also music that shares characteristics of different subgenres showing their inspiration and skill, in hope of finding their own unique sound in the metal label. In April 2010, BATS released their debut EP 'Illustrations Of An Imposter' and embarked on an interstate tour which helped stretch their fanbase. With many future achievements yet to be written down, this band is one to keep an eye on.