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Hip Hop

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Goldielocks - MC/Producer, Ju - MC




Two 20yo rap peacelings originally from Canberra. We started rapping on a 10 day hike in the wilderness when there was nothing left to do but rap - this is where we came up with our name. After high school, we schooled high, then we released our debut album 'The Good Sun' in june 2012. After that, we made an EP called 'Blackberry Jams' under the Alias BP&J (Bushland Prodigies & J-Rekless). since then Goldielocks moved to sydney and Ju moved to Perth, so whenever we rendevouz we're either playing Gigs, making bangers, or smokin a doobie, or all of the above. you can also find our solo music under our solo names: Goldielocks, and Ju. To sum up; where da party at, and can i bring ma gatt? Album & EP Available at: FB page: Soundcloud: Bushland Prodigies - Down For It (feat. Alexa Miller) OFFICIAL VIDEO: Bushland Prodigies - Rolling Stoned (Sticky Fingers) OFFICIAL VIDEO (Live):