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Pop, Rock

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Byron Short - singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer

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‘Do you know who you really are?
Are you sure it’s really you?’
- Josh Homme

There comes a time in every one’s life when they must decide who they really are. Sometimes fate is cruel. It takes the decision out of the hands of the individual and forces the verdict upon them. Man or animal? Obedient, out of control? Open or shut off? Loving or hateful? Alive or dead? Remember, he not busy being born is busy dying. Of course, it’s not always cut and dry. Like Whitman, we all contain multitudes.

So how does the decision eventuate? Like a glorious bolt from the blue? Some kind of Eureka! moment? Or a long and gradual acceptance of one’s true soul? A fatalistic death dance – a hurtling asteroid traveling at the speed of sound yet appearing to be slow moving and distant. Inevitable all the same.

With ‘Wounded Beast’, I haven’t quite decided (or accepted) who I am, but I have provided an insight into the process of self discovery and through ten varied and ambitious musical offerings, I believe I’ve delivered a unique account of one ragged soul moving through time – something I’ll always be proud of.

I wrote it.
I performed it.
I recorded it.
I produced it.
I funded it.
I released it.

Surely, all this points to some kind of superiority complex. Or at least a severely overloaded self esteem sack situated somewhere in the small intestine – one might think. But remember – necessity is the mother of invention - and in this day and age of barely post pubescent performing monkeys pervading the very soul of a once vibrant and varied pop/rock music industry – the only choice is to go it alone.

So I built myself a studio. A place of sanctuary, worship and meditation, far from the madding crowd - and set to work. The road behind has been splattered with an equal share of blessings and disappointments. Two albums released to a sudden enthusiasm and then a muted applause at a young age. A couple of years of visceral performances with a band of rocknroll buccaneers to critical acclaim – and then muted applause. Then finally – escape. A world away I found another home and reconnected with the roots of the music I was born to create. See – like independence, persistence is a virtue too. And legends never say die. Nor do men. Nor women. Nor beasts.

And so here we are at a new beginning. One can simply only ask another to buy the ticket – take the ride. The road ahead will certainly be as unpredictable as has been the road behind. Life is an adventure – let music be your guide.