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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Sticky Fingers, Gorillaz, The Stone Roses

band members

Michael Pietrafesa - Vox Jose Moucho - Bass David Zammit - Guitar Johnny Zervas - Drums


Adelaide United, Kasabian, The Stone Roses, Manchester United, Dr Dre



Hailing from the great South Australian state that brought you two giant balls, Farmer’s Union iced coffee and Cooper’s Pale Ale come brit pop band THE BYZANTINES.

There’s nothing pale about these Adelaide lads and best mates; vocalist Michael Pietrafesa, guitarist David Zammit, José Moucho on bass and Johnny Zervas on drums. Considered ‘Australia’s answer to Kasabian’ (Vinyl Soul), THE BYZANTINES have incorporated a varied mesh of sounds and layers, all the while feeling organic and staying true to the British sound that bands like The Stone Roses and Primal Scream made famous.

With a reputation as a veritable party band to crank up before hitting the town on a Friday night, others see a deeper and more complex side to the band with underlying social commentaries laced into the songs. No matter how it’s painted, The Byzantines are a fusion of swagger laden melodies, head bopping hip-hop beats and in your face vocals that make up the unique, yet familiar sound that the band have spent years finessing.

Coming off of an international tour, the guys kept momentum going with a handful of support shows including The Delta Riggs, Dallas Crane and The Belligerents before heading into the studio to record their debut EP.

Recorded between competing national tours and other commitments, The Byzantines enlisted the help of Alex Markwell (The Delta Riggs) as producer and engineer, along with Dan Crannitch (Love and Other Crimes) to assist with pre-production and Luke Godson (Luke Million/The Swiss) to help capture the more electronic aspects of the band’s sound.

The initial session birthed ‘Jamaica', ‘a swaggering hot mess’ (Rolling Stone Magazine), which set the benchmark for the rest of the EP. The first listens from the new recordings are ‘Jamaica’ and ‘She Moves’, both singles lauded from critics and fans alike. The EP is due for release on February 17 and the release will be supported by a national tour.


Review by Nick Findlay Nick Findlay

06 Jul 2016

Triple J

hits a middle ground somewhere between Gorillaz, Sticky Fingers and Kasabian, sounding good!

hits a middle ground somewhere between Gorillaz, Sticky Fingers and Kasabian, sounding good!


Review by Max Quinn Max Quinn

22 Jun 2016

Triple J

This song's a sinkhole.

This song's a sinkhole.