Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, Foo Fighters

band members

Tom Shep - Guitar Jeromio Connor - Vox / Guitar Brett A - Bass Adam Mc'C- drums


ploding onto the scene in 2004, Cadence has built a strong reputation as one of the most talented young bands out. With timeless melodies, soaring guitar solos, killer riffs, powerful vocals and a superb rhythm section, Cadence has wowed audiences with its brilliant live performances. Members Jerome O'Connor, 19, Tom Shepherd, 19, and Adam McCann, 18, and Brett Adrian, 18, have been playing together since their early high school days and formed the band and penned a couple of original songs in 2004 to enter a region-wide band competition. They made the finals of that competition and have gone from strength to strength ever since. Finalists in the Hard Rock Café Future Rock competition winners of the Newcastle Music Awards 'Best Young Talent' and the Newcastle Palais Band Competition, Cadence raise eyebrows and spark interests every time they take to the stage. Cadence is a band built on dedication and fine musicianship. All the band's members are classically trained musicians with a combined 35 years of musical experience. They have worked as session musicians and music teachers. Armed with anthemic melodies, driving beats, awesome instrumentation and an ever-growing base of swooning fans, Cadence is an intelligent rock band with a swag of songs to stun your senses.