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Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Still trying to figure that out. What do you think?

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Cal Luder


Broods, London Grammar, Banks, Jarryd James, Chris Luder

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King Social, BULLHORN, Andrea Kirwin



'Vocals like warm honey, combined with swelling electronics and carefully crafted songwriting. This is indie pop at its very best.'

Melbourne singer/songwriter Cal Luder releases her highly anticipated solo debut EP: ‘Origami’.

Led by the mesmerising title track, ‘Origami’ showcases Cal's emotive vocals and songwriting across a sea of genres.

The EP was created over a 4-month period with Cal’s brother and a group of their friends in Sydney, Australia this year.

Cal says: “My brother Chris and I had these song ideas kicking around for a while and this year just felt like the right time to put them all down. There is something really special about working on music projects with family and friends – magic happens.”

No better is this demonstrated than on the title track: Origami. Collaborating with Johann "Yogi" Willenberg from Random Soul Music was the perfect musical mixture at just the right place and time.

“Working with Yogi was effortless,” says Cal. “We played him the vocals and he instantly loved it. Within a few days we had all the special ingredients to transform Origami into a lush, electronic soundscape.”

As well as balancing a career as an environmental sustainability educator, Cal will be busy doing gigs and festivals to promote her new EP all across Australia.

Ripples that will surely lead to waves.

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