Artist info



Sounds like

The Doors, Blues Music, soul music

band members

Adrian Wells-guitar, vocals Max Jones-bass, vocals Erin Gordon-drums,vocals Jarrad Humphrey-lead vocals


Rory Gallagher, muddy waters, free


A four piece blues band that just happened to form quite easily over the last year to become what it is now. Bass player Max and guitarist Adrian met at school and have been jamming and sharing musical ideas ever since. Jarrad the singer supported the band at a gig as a solo performer Adrian and Max were impressed enough to ask him to join the then three piece as lead singer. Erin the most recent member joined after our first drummer left, he is a rare find. All four boys share a passion for music with our differing tastes never causing conflict, only leaving us always having something to learn off one another. Tracks from our FREE self titled E.P. are uploaded.