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Callum Vincent



Callum Vincent is an acoustic roots musician with soothing vocals and stories to tell. Holding his audience in every pause, Callum takes his listeners on a journey into his mind, sharing his intriguing observations of the world.

Sourcing inspiration from unique places, years on the road and on the ocean, his lyrics speak of both the simplicity and complexity of life and our interconnection with all around us.
Living parts of the year on a remote Indonesian island, teaching sustainable surf and marine tourism programs, the love for rawness and nature has evolved alongside Callum’s writing. Through focus on emotive lyrics, accompanied by finger-style guitar, his heart is poured out on the stage.

A pandemic has seen Callum base himself in a remote community in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. While teaching music at the community school and immersing himself in desert life, Callum’s desire to create is stronger than ever. Life in a remote community gifts a world of new knowledge and experiences. Callum will provide a window to this world through his expressive musical creations.

Callum’s music is borne from diverse, unique settings and experiences, so audiences may find it hard to label his style and inspiration. Have a listen, enter Callum’s world, and find out for yourself.

Callum’s debut single, ‘The Other Side’ can be enjoyed through all streaming platforms from March 30. This beautiful/haunting ballad speaks of a travelling man and his yearning to return home to the place he belongs.