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Dance, Indie, Rock

band members

Michael Hogan - Vox/Synth Thomas Griffin - Guitar Saagar Chandra - Guitar/Synth Leo Burmester - Bass Pawan Chandra - Drums


Death From Above 1979, Bloc Party , Klaxons

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Calrissian, formerly known as 'Sorry Socrates' is a 5-piece Alternative Dance Rock band from sunny Brisbane Australia. Formed in late 2011 between bedroom jams and drunken late nights out, Calrissian began playing various house parties and venues around Brisbane. Since then they've developed a following due to their wild and chaotic live shows.

Stuck between the club-thumping atmosphere of dance, and the distortion driven, mathematical time sequences likened to many alternative acts, Calrissian offer up something a mix of both. Combining a unique mix of howling vocals, angular and intricate guitar work, frenzied and hook-driven bass, danceable drum beats and atmospheric synths, Calrissian will leave you sweating in a mosh pit.