Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Tim Rogers, neil young, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

band members

Cam Ewart - Words, Voice, Guitar, Harmonica.


Bob Dylan, Tim Rogers, neil young

Unearthed artists we like

First Time Hookers, Dirt River Radio


“…like Cash’s recordings, this record’s full of real songs.” Beat Magazine “Cam sounds like a young Tim Rogers” Beat Magazine Writing songs for over ten years, and playing the live circuit since he was 17, Melbourne Raconteur Cam Ewart is no stranger to a live audience. Having released his debut Solo album “Here Comes the Blood”, in 2010 and gaining very positive reviews, he has been played on RR and PBSFM in Melbourne, plus on select stations up the east coast. The video for debut single "Here Comes the Blood" was also run on Rage. Having been “thrown in the deep end” and supporting acts including Don Walker (Cold Chisel) and The Drones as his first solo outings, Cam has gone on to lend support to Darren Hanlon, Mick Thomas, Mike Noga, The Pictures, The Gin Club and Wagons. He has learnt from these outings that it is always the song that resonates longer than ever changing trends. His skills as a vocalist and engaging frontman earned him a spot at the recent Tom Waits Time tribute night, where he joined Tim Rogers, Dave Larkin and many more for a great night of music. Cam recently put a band around his solo material, adding piano, violin, guitars and bass-plus 3 part vocal harmonies. They are "Ghost Towns of the Midwest"...