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Sounds like

J.J. Cale, Jakob Dylan, Randy Newman, Dan Parsons

band members

Cameron Milford


Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Ben Harper, Ray Lamontagne

Unearthed artists we like

DAN PARSONS, Pat Kenny, The Ahern Brothers, Ruby Gilbert


Cameron Milford writes songs about bad weather, love and other natural disasters. His laid back brand of “suburban roots music” wraps the sounds of Alt-Country around wry observations of ordinary life. Milford’s sonic fingerprint has drawn comparisons to the likes of J.J. Cale, Kris Kristofferson and Jakob Dylan. For a while he travelled the world as a wandering troubadour, living on black coffee and the kindness of strangers. These days he is a regular fixture of the Brisbane music scene, where he’s sought after as a session musician and producer.