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Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins

band members

Amy Thorneycroft - Bass & Vocals, Chris Herman - Vocals & Guitar, Adam Didonato - Guitar & Vocals, Matt Wust - Drums


Nirvana, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins


Candy are a four-piece original hard rock band from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Candy have spent the last 5 years, creating their own very unique style of music and are now ready to become more than just another local band and take the music industry by storm. Playing live is what Candy thrive on, playing alongside bands such as Softball, Klinger, Empty Space, Tort, Mighty Boy, Imaginitis and many more. One main gig being the Maroondah Festival (EV’s on the Park) 2002 in which Candy supported Frenzal Rhomb. Candy have also won and placed in many Battle of the Bands, such as Club Evolutions Battle of the Bands 2004 and Eltham Festivals Battle of the Bands 2005. Since recording their seven track EP ”All The Lost" in 2005 Candy have had fans hanging out for gigs, ever since first witnessing their awesome live performances and original heavy and hard driven songs. Candy have built up a vast and enormous fan base all around Melbourne and especially in the Eastern Suburbs. So there will always be a Candy crowd at every Candy gig.


Reviewed by Chris Scaddan Chris Scaddan

27 Aug 2006

Triple J

A good demo. Sou...

A good demo. Sounds OK. Your singer needs to work harder on hitting those notes though. You can't mumble if you're going to put him that high up in the mix. Keep going, you've got a long way to go but you'll get there.

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09 Nov 2007


If there's ...

If there's one thing the heavy genre doesn't tolerate well, it's bloody whining vocals. That was the most confused production i;ve heard on a demo - what was with trying to pull out some Mars Volta vocal effects for about 2 seconds in the middle there? I know that a lot of people whine about it not being metal (but it isn't) but there isn't exactly a Hard Rock genre... i mean it's ok as a song, but tighten the vocals and learn to sing with feeling (ie don't whine like a thin reedy mandrake). You've got some work ahead of you guys.

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28 Jun 2007


I'm really ...

I'm really into this track, actualy i dig all ur music. keep up the good work. great sounds great vocals. might not be considered as metal [to some] ut who cares sounds awesome.

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