Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Eels, Beck, flaming lips

band members

Andrew - guitar & vocals, Liz - drums, David the Can Man - bass, Peter - guitar, Helen - trumpet & guitar & baby xylophone thing that is apparently a glockenspiel & melodica


Cape Town Lullaby’s version of indie-rock may be subtle when compared to many of their peers, but their sound is as full bodied as any other. Whether using a three guitar attack or adding flourishes of trumpet, the songs are always a balance between pop hooks and thoughtful lyrics, resulting in the rarest of gems – songs that last the test of time but also have immediate appeal. Influences like ARCADE FIRE, THE EELS and FLAMING LIPS ensure that this balancing act is always a priority. The band formed in 2007 when singer/guitarist, Andrew, recorded an album length demo of short, soft, sad pop songs that he didn’t think would work in a rock and roll setting. The years that followed saw them share the stage with acts such as SAN CISCO, SONPSILO CIRCUS and THE MORNING NIGHT. Time also saw the band move slowly toward loud, upbeat music. You can stream or download their whole debut EP for free at