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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Wilco, Lemonheads

band members

Jevon Van Ballegooyen-All instruments


Jeff Tweedy, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Lemonheads, Pixies, Townsville

Unearthed artists we like

Moke, Taiga Taiga, Violet Shift


Cape York is the stage name of singer songwriter Jevon Van Ballegooyen. A mainstay of the live music scene in the far North, Jevon records his compositions in a purpose-built home studio on the flanks of Townsville’s iconic Castle Hill. His guitar-driven brand of melodic yet pensive alt-country pop has been developed with original bands including Underbelly, The Vlads and The Clones. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist records music as a creative outlet and is happy when other people enjoy his distinctive tunes. Jevon was joined on stage at Townsville Groovin’ the Moo in 2013 by his brothers Colin (drums) and Jason (bass) and brother-in-law Michael Collins (guitar).

Unearthed in 2013

Groovin The Moo

31 Mar 2013


Cape York

Cape York

Congratulations to our 2013 Groovin The Moo winners!

Congratulations to indie-poppers Goldsmith, electronic act SAFIA, tough as hardcore/metal band Abreact, indie rock outfit Cape York, and young MC and vocalist Kadyelle.