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Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Lenka, McFly


Ryan Tedder, Jason Mraz, Julia Michaels, Colbie Caillat



Coming from the capital city of Indonesia to the sunshine state of Australia, Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Cara Mél beautifully weaves acoustic folk into rhythmic pop with a sprinkle of honeyed soul vocals. The ray of sunshine radiates positive vibes through her bright and breezy music – the perfect perk-me-up anthem any day!

Propelled by her childhood dreams, she began pursuing music professionally as a vocal group singer, while she used her free time writing songs. Cara Mél finally emerged as a solo artist and is now ready to share her bubbly original tunes to the world. Her main muses have always been singer-songwriters Ryan Tedder, Jason Mraz, HONNE and Julia Michaels – all of whom have had influences on her music.

Cara Mél’s debut single, “I Lived”, takes you on her journey of finding silver linings in life, following her momentous move from Indonesia in 2015. Just as the chorus goes, “Cause you only live once so make a fool of it”, the song speaks volume about embracing mistakes and bouncing back stronger each time. The debut single is set to lift hearts on August 14th this year.