Artist info


Roots, Pop

Sounds like

neko case, cat power, suzanne vega

band members

Cara Madden - guitar, vocals


neko case, the beatles, bob dylan


Original, contemporary, raw, and heart felt, are just a few words to describe the work of Cara Madden. Cara, hailed from Brisbane, spent her childhood and adolescence on the Sunshine Coast's hinterland, and moved to Townsville at 17 to study art and live with her blues musician brother. This is where she developed her passion for roots music and songwriting. She has a love of expression for home and all things sentimental, and years spend overseas later in her life spearheaded her vision as an original singer/songwriter. Modest, yet strong and honest, Cara has all the aspects of an ingenious performer and writer, and has the ability to mesmerize any onlooker or listener. A year studying Music Performance in 2006 has developed her further, as she had the opportunity to perform with some of Brisbane's greatest unsigned musicians and learn the commercial aspects of a great pop song! She wrote and recorded 'This Town' during the course, and we all believe the song is a hit, and those who have hear it believe it would be a great tool for advertising brisbane! Cara was first recorded in Airlock Studios by friend Ian Haug (Powderfinger) in 1999, an 8 track professional demo. She is preparing to record her first album at the end of this year with Ian. Cara is performing in and around Brisbane, and expect to hear more from her. "i have so much material written and being written, and i am so excited to be sharing it after all these years!"...... Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Cara Madden!