Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Smith Street Band, San Cisco, The Vanns, You Am I

band members

Eliot Argus Rohan Parker Jackson Broom Campbell Patterson


Skeggs, Rex Orange County, The Cat Empire



Cardboard Cutouts are a four-piece indie rock band from South-East Queensland, Australia. Their music is influenced by many great artists, such as The Smith Street Band, Powderfinger, Sticky Fingers, and The Wombats.

The band started back in 2018, formed by singer songwriter guitarist Eliot Argus, drummer Rohan Parker, and bassist Jackson Broom. After playing around Toowoomba, the band started recording their first demos, which later became the first three singles they would release. The single "Such Is Life" released in 2019, followed by "Insane" and "Unfinished Thoughts" in early 2020.

During July of 2019 Campbell Patterson joined the band, adding an extra guitar and his own touch to the band's musical feel and direction. The band are looking forward to a big 2020 as they transition to Brisbane, and have their eyes are keenly set on recording their first album.