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Roots, Indie

band members

Carla Lippis (vox, guitar), Steve Pederson (guitar), Dave van der Zwaag (guitar), Dennis Kipridis (bass), Mel Horsman (drums)


Neko Case, Ryan Adams, Nancy Sinatra


Imagine if Nancy Sinatra and Screamin Jay Hawkins had a child. Now imagine that child grew up listening to Italian love songs and deep-south country ditties. Now imagine a cloud shaped like a Martial Heart. Fun isn’t it? Carla Lippis is a woman on a mission. When not performing as the front woman of her ass-kicking, number-taking, biker-metal three-piece THE RULES, she’s writing, recording and performing with her other band Carla Lippis and The Martial Hearts. The Martial Hearts seek to bring back the art of the simple song. No gimmicks, no fleeting trends and no false intent. After gigs with Hugo Race (ex-Bad Seeds, The Wreckery) and Aus music legend Bill Chambers, Carla Lippis and the Martial Hearts are going places . . . like Ballarat, or perhaps Brunswick...or Toowoomba. Martial Hearts. xox.