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Hip Hop, Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers

band members

Carlo - Guitar Benny Kaye - Bass Matthew Wheatley - Drums Teddy - Mascot Featuring Akovia - Vocals Chris Neto - Vocals


Tom Morello



Carlo was inspired watching his mother strumming an acoustic guitar on the balcony of their home in Italy.
At just 6 years old he realised music was his calling.
At 16 Carlo played in his first band as a rhythm guitarist, several bands follwed, but it never felt right, nobody wanted to make history like
Carlo did.
In 2016 Carlo had made the decision his dreams could not be found at home, and travelled to Australia in search of like minded musicians.
At the end of 2017 by chance he stumbled across a youtube video of bassist Benny Kaye, who's unique bass style interested him.
After a number of line up changes Benny introduced Matt Wheatley to the band, and this versatile trio would become known as Carlo & The Montes.
Carlo with a guitar style unlike anyone before, and The Montes, a funk metal styled rhythm section.
Carlo wanted to do things differently to other bands, choosing not to have a permanent singer, but a new vocalist for each record produced, the first being Akovia (Aslan Sepe), who brings his rap style vocals as the final piece to the puzzle.


Review by Claire Mooney Claire Mooney

06 Sep 2018

Triple J

Large guitars that'll get you head-bangin'.

Large guitars that'll get you head-bangin'.