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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Gillian Welch, Bright Eyes, Credence Clearwater Revival

band members

Carrie Henschell – Vocalist & Guitarist Chris Beavis – Guitarist Jeremy Klysz - Bass Phil Vaughan – Drums


The Pretenders, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell


Raised on a cattle farm at Scrubby Mountain in Queensland, Australia, singer/songwriter/guitarist Carrie Henschell decided early to set herself apart from other female singer/songwriters. She put down the acoustic guitar, picked up an electric, fronted a band, and has never looked back. Starting Carrie and the Cut Snakes in 2010, the name inspired by the country colloquialism “mad as a cut snake”, meaning basically bat shit crazy.
Shortly after cutting a self-titled album, Henschell could no longer ignore the Live Music Capital of the World’s siren’s call, packed up and moved to Austin, Texas in July 2013. Her moxie in high gear, she enlisted herself a pedigreed, brand spankin’ new band within her first month in Austin: upright bass player Shaun Dickerson (Blow Fly); drummer Patrick Herzfeld (Emily Bell, Mother Teresa, Ashley Monical); banjo player and guitarist Tim Ziegler (Supernova, The Fence Sitters) and guitarist Jared Blair (Blynd Birds). The band quickly won over local venues, garnering a two month residency at the legendary Hole in the Wall, and multiple shows at venues like The Black Heart and Clive Bar (nestled in the infamous Rainey Street entertainment district). Henschell streamlined her set for a successful west coast tour and then went straight into the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Christopher “Frenchie” Smith’s (Built to Spill, The Toadies, Jet, The Dandy Warhols) Bubble Studios to record the EP, Wild. The results are a defiant and exquisite blend of country, folk and rock. Henschell’s songwriting versatility is exemplified by how the EP kicks off with the exotic and delicate title track “Wild” and comfortably slides right into the charmingly authentic honky tonk of “Dale Watson and His Lone Stars”, which is sure to get the wallflowers two-stepping. The fiery high-powered rock of “Abrasive” and “Love Poisoned Me” sit easily next to the yearningly heartfelt and fiddle-soaked love song to her birthplace, “Scrubby Mountain”. Wild’s songs are peppered with the aforementioned strings, slide guitar and Henschell’s sure-footed rhythm guitar is enhanced by Jared Blair’s skilled and praiseworthy guitar playing. Guest appearances from Austin music royalty: fiddle player Warren Hood adds an innate poetry. While Kim Deschamps, playing pedal steel, is the star of Henschell’s tribute to Dance hall legend Dale Watson.
In July 2014 Henschell returned to her home country of Australia to reconnect with the Brisbane music scene. Carrie is launching the new record in November 2014, available now for download at
“It’s been a while since I’ve heard such a straightforward honest Australian vocal –think the Waifs, that accent is unmistakable and here it lends a solid strain of authenticity to what Henschell is singing about – you really believe her stories. Henschell also brings in some Guthrie in that her songs are so simple, which makes them all the more powerful… Destined for bigger things indeed”- Samuel J. Fell, Sydney Morning Herald

“The main attraction is Henschell’s voice which cuts through like a ringing bell…When Carrie let’s rip on songs as good as love song, you’ll see that she too has a voice that can sing your blues away”- Noel Mengel Courier Mail