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Sounds like

Paul Kelly, Bob Evans, Ben Lee

band members

Carus Thompson - vocal, guitars, songs


Paul Kelly, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan


International troubadour Carus Thompson has returned to Australia with new studio album Caravan as well as his new live album Acoustic At The Norfolk Volume II in tow. Last year was a big one for Thompson with European and Australian release tours of Caravan and the arrival of his first child. Upon returning from Europe, Thompson recorded Acoustic At The Norfolk Volume II to celebrate living back in Australia and to take stock of where his musical journey has taken him over the last decade. Originally coming to prominence as part of the explosion of the roots scene, this Fremantle born folk-rocker has shown, after three highly acclaimed studio records that he's also a gifted songwriter and storyteller - in the tradition of artists like Paul Kelly and Tim Rogers. Worldwide, Carus Thompson has sold over 30,000 albums independently and supported luminaries such as Dave Matthews, Xavier Rudd, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, John Butler and The Waifs. The last few years have seen him touring non-stop across Europe, playing to a rapidly expanding fan base where his music has found a huge place for itself in Germany and the UK, backed up by strong radio play and sold out shows. One of the few truly independent Australian troubadours to be able to carve a full time living from his craft, years of far flung touring have assured Thompson possesses the enviable ability to draw hundreds of people anywhere he goes. It’s not something he takes for granted and you can see how much values a crowd every time he takes to the stage. A songwriter he is, but a shoe gazer he ain't - priding himself on getting punters up on the dance floor as well as engaging them with his story telling, whether playing solo or with his energetic band. After more than a decade of writing, touring and recording, Carus Thompson is a veteran on the Australian live music, singer-songwriter landscape, a highly experienced, accomplished and passionate performer with a hard won and loyal following. See him live and you’ll understand why his fan base continues to grow and why he’s one of this countries favourite live performers.