Artist info


Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

No Doubt, Divinyls, Suzi Quatro, Deap Vally, Pat Benatar, The White Stripes, Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick, Blondie, PJ Harvey, Little Birdy, Martha and the Motels, Queens of the Stoneage, Deep Purple

band members

Cassie Hope (Guitar and Vox) and Ash Acid (Drums).


Swaggering across Smith Street to share a scotch, Acid and Cassie quickly shot the shit and “CASH” was born. After playing their first show by the river in Warburton in February last year, the Melbourne Rock Duo have taken their place among the Rock ‘n’ Roll slayers of the Melbourne Music Scene.

Come 2018, the sassy pair are set to release their debut album. Recorded by songstress Lilith Lane on the infamous desk from Neil Young’s ranch, the sessions revealed Hearts of Gold.

Production duties were shared between the three ladies, marking this as Acid and Cassie’s first stint as co-producers. The album documents the past year of the outfit’s relentless live performance schedule. A love child of Chrissy Amphlett and Meg White, CASH deliver a live set of sex, sweat and sultry Rock. See you at the show.