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Harrison Read


Gorillaz, Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys


Harrison Read, probably best known as frontman and songwriter for Mandurah-born rockers, The Cabarets, has embarked on his own experimental project, Casinodreams. Where the much-loved Cabarets exist in the heart of Perth’s pubs, with their pop-leaning indie rock jams, Casinodreams sits a much more lush and electronic bent. Rising out of a simple bedroom recording project, it exhibits all of the influences that originally sparked The Cabarets – ‘60s mod beats, Arctic Monkeys, et al. – but with a deep infusion of get-up- and-dance fun. Miles Away is the first track form Read under his solo moniker, and it’s already impressed many with its skill and effortless charm. Read will continue building on the sound of Casinodreams with a new single, Throw, coming your way on 29 Dec. Throw is just as upbeat and naturally cool as its predecessor, but it ups the indie dance stakes enough to make you jump around. Sinister, echoey vocals ride over deep bass and tight rhythm, building to a keen edge on the traditional rock fare. The track will continue to flesh out the garage rock-meets-electronic beats tangent of the Casinodreams sound, and will set up what is sure to be a stellar 2014 for the young musician, with a whole bunch of shows lined up for the new year. A video clip, aimed for release in mid-January 2014, will also accompany Throw.


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

22 Jan 2014

Triple J

Solid, super bou...

Solid, super bouncy, poppy rock.

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17 Feb 2014


Love it.Retro an...

Love it.Retro and contemporary.Great stuff!!

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20 Jan 2014


WOW! I was tryin...

WOW! I was trying to find out what my recurring dream about being a roulette wheel meant but I'm glad that instead I stumbled across this song, it made me dance and momentarily forget about the horrifying dream that brought us together and for that I will be forever grateful.

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