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Indie, Dance

Sounds like

Cassette Kids

band members

Katrina Noorbergen - Vocals, Daniel Schober - Guitar, Dan Deitz - Bass, Jacob Read-Harber - Drums.


The Presets, Digitalism, Anything with different sounds


Draped in magnetic tape ripped from the music collection of Greenwich Village dilettantes, Cassette Kids are making a ruckus in the Sydney Music scene. Coming to fruit in early 2007 in a sensation of live performances and fermenting their talent into their June Demo, Cassette Kids lend an undertone of the young sophistocrat to the crest of new wave, summoning the likes of Bjork, The Klaxons and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs into a mixtape akin to a well dressed Berlin Wall coming down in a New York Basement. Live Cassette Kids make sexy with the hysterics, ploughing through sets with vigor and fidelity. What starts as a fashion show walk off quickly ascends into a squeeze box of indie guitar fuzz and impetuous bass solos, led by the Siren's Howl of vocalist Katrina Noorbergan and leaving the crowds in a worked up sweat spree, toothy for more from the magnetic quartet. And Howl they do for Cassette Kids. With show stealing performances, radio time on the J's and a momentum spurred by their own desire to deliver leggy performances night after night, its enough to convince Drum Media that the C.K's are the "highlight of the evening" and prove that what probably started as cheap thrills to score free designer clothing has bloomed into the hottest new talent of 2007. With a double side of supports for bands like White Rose Movement (UK), Children Collide, Van She, Riot In Belgium, Bridezilla, Muscles, Ajax and more recently, Sparkadia and Soft Tigers, Cassette Kids are part of Sydney's infamous Bandits crew and are Reel-to-Reel with fashion label illionaire, sporting the goods both on and off the stage, Cassette Kids have eyes to the horizon and two feet planted firmly in the sydney scence... To hear more from Cassette Kids go to Upcoming Shows: Australian "THE PRESETS" tour starting July 12.