Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Prince, Chrissy Amplett

band members

Cassy Judy (Guitar and Vocals)


Prince, Dave Graney, Amber Lawrence

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Fresh from the floor on which she sleeps, Cassy combines clever word play with tales of girls, nature and chucking a sickie. She's a dynamic and engaging entertainer and is chomping at the bit for people to listen to her music. A born performer, she genuinely thinks she's been placed on this earth to put smiles on people's faces. Her new track Sickie has been doing that and she's keen to share it with the world. A transgender woman, she is keen to show people that Trans girls rock and she hosts a weekly Radio Show on Skid Row radio where she is very keen to promote local artists. She looks forward to playing to larger and larger audiences so that she can fulfill her dream of making a living from her music!