Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Clare Bowditch, Neko Case, Missy Higgins

band members

Jen Lush- vocals, Andy Voigt- guitar and mandolin, Sam Leske- guitars, Robin Pratt- Bass, Xavia Nou- Cello, Dave Branton- drums


The Fleet Foxes, Josh Pike, Iron and Wine



Lush and Voigt form the nucleus of Cat Dog Bird, around which orbits a talented cast of musicians: guitarist Sam Leske (Bellephonics, Vincents Chair), bass/guitarist Robin Pratt (Goldstein), drummer/percussionists David Branton (Joe Man Murphy and the GypsyRumble, Funkomatic), and cellist Xavia Nou (Ms Xavia).This summer Cat Dog Bird launched Headfirst into the Riddle, a stunning album that is part folk, part pop, part rock, maybe even a little bit country, but all Cat Dog Bird. On their debut studio album, Adelaide band Cat Dog Bird have laid down 11 songs of rare beauty and disarming honesty. In simple terms, they’re melody-driven songs at the nexus of folk, pop and rock. But shot through with raw emotion, wrapped in nuanced arrangements andproduction, and delivered on the incredible, warm, expressive voice of singer/songwriter Jen Lush, they become a genre of their own. Personal stories of disappointment and fury, redemption and recovery, revenge, fear and frailty, sung in the voice of someone who has lived and loved, laughed and lost, with the confidence to see life for the unsolvable riddle that it is… and jump in headfirst anyway. “ Headfirst into the Riddle is a collection of songs written about the inner lives of others, the things we think but rarely speak out loud. The tiny details and observations about the moment that might break us, move us and which may even help to make sense of the everyday weird things that happen. And in this way, it’s about me and maybe you too.” – Jen Lush Lush’s musical background is intriguing. As a child, she alternated between her dad’s folk records – Gordon Lightfoot, Ralph McTel, the Mamas and the Papas – and 80s pop stars like Madonna. Later, she graduated to bands like Massive Attack and Portishead and started her first band, acclaimed electronic outfit Suvome, while staying true to her roots and performing regularly with her dad, folk performer Dave Greenslade. All of this rich musical history comes to bear on Headfirst…. From the folk records comes a love of storytelling; from the Saturday mornings spent watching Top 40 video shows, a winning way with contagious melody; and from the trip hop days, smoky expressiveness and an evocative sense of drama. Lush met guitarist Andy Voigt when he engineered Suvome’s debut album, The Sunlight Embassy. They stayed in touch and, ten years later, began collaborating on what would become Cat Dog Bird.