Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Daphni, Hercules & Love Affair

band members

Katie Campbell // Production, Vocals, Sampling+Synth


Nicolas Jaar, Midland, Tama Sumo, Daphni

Unearthed artists we like

Bastian's Happy Flight, KUCKA , Seams



Catlips is Perth-based music producer Katie Campbell. Catlips teams audio and the visual mediums for unforgettable results, syncing live electronics with original projections, controlled by auditory parameters.

Catlips' sound is a smoodge of house, experimental, pop and electronic, drawing rhythmic inspiration from classic Chicago house and disco, as well as modern experimental house lords Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet, and Isaac Tichauer. Catlips has received nothing but love for what she’s put out there so far: 2012 EP "Takas" gained national and international web exposure as well as heavy airplay on RTR and Triple J, while more recently split single “Kanimbla / What U Want and Need (Are Different Things)" put Catlips on everyone’s radar for realz – a consummately produced duo of tracks that would sit right at home in the world’s edgiest clubs (and that is lapped up on local dancefloors, to boot).

More recently, Catlips smashed out the goods at the 2014 Perth Boiler Room, created an original score for surrealistic theatre production "Rabbithead", and has her track ‘Closed Eyes’ featured on the essential listening that is the Pilerats Records' RAT PACK #1 Compilation.

With a new EP and remixes on the way later in 2014, get to know Catlips now via this series of handy links:

Watch the video clip for "Kanimbla" (shot by GIRLtheToy and Sam Hughes) here:

Download “Kanimbla” free here

Download ‘What You Want and Need (are Different Things)’ free here

Download the Pilerats Records RAT PACK #1 Compilation free here

Listen to the ‘Takas’ EP here

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