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Tony McCall -drums (Wolfmother, Butterfingers) Adele Pickvance- Bass (The Go Betweens) C.C. McKenzie - Vocals ,Guitar


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C.C. McKenzie – Starz
Songwriter Cameron McKenzie has always felt comfortable when he’s on the move. Perhaps it is no surprise that some of the most creative periods of his life are tied to travel, new experiences and horizons.
It has happened again, on a year-long caravan trip around Australia with his wife and their two dogs. He took an iPad and an acoustic guitar and just when he was least expecting it, the songs began to flow.
“There was the time and the space and that sense of freedom,” McKenzie says. “Jo is a visual artist and we thrived on being in the middle of nowhere, disconnecting from everything to do our art rather than conform to the usual rules of life.”
The first evidence of those songs is new single Starz, to be followed by the album In Blue, the most powerful representation yet of McKenzie’s restless musical spirit. These new songs arrived just as McKenzie was wondering if the musical part of his life was behind him.
“On a trip like that you let all the usual constraints go,” McKenzie says. “I was just making music for the reason I did it in the first place. Finding the joy in exploring on my guitar is my ultimate mystery. The songs are nothing to do with the places we went, there is no song about Esperance or anything like that. There’s something more universal about them.”
That is there in extraordinary songs like In Blue, a hymn to the restorative power of nature, where McKenzie’s pure vocal rings like a bell above electronic drums and orchestral instruments.
The songs began in isolation, including three months in Covid lockdown in an abandoned farmhouse in New South Wales, but they have flowered with the team he has gathered around him since.
The epic folktronica of Starz includes contributions from Adele Pickvance (Adele & the Chandeliers, The Go-Betweens) and Skritch (Gota Cola), who played in McKenzie’s band Ranger in the mid-2000s.
“The great thing about having songs on the iPad is I could send them on to people and they respond in ways you might not expect. I sent Starz to Adele to play some bass and she came back with synth parts and backing vocals too. Skritch added drums, then our engineer Steve Kempnich worked on it some more. By the time we got to the studio he had been under the headphones for hours and done amazing things with the sounds we sent.
“The songs don’t sound cluttered but there are all these components in there that make them work.”
The album also features bassist Chris Bosley (Resin Dogs) and drummer Tony McCall (Resin Dogs, Butterfingers, Wolfmother).
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Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

15 Jun 2021

Triple J

Rather aptly this track feels like it's ascending skyward to join a constellation of twinkly stars it's that dreamy and weightless.

Rather aptly this track feels like it's ascending skyward to join a constellation of twinkly stars it's that dreamy and weightless.