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Indie, Pop

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Tom Jobim

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Ces Alberto Jr.


John Mayer, Mumford & Sons, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Jobim, Carlos Santana

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Born into a family where music was never too far and a country torn by civil war, it was not surprising that these two realities would ultimately shape Ces’ musical underpinnings. Born to a father who amongst many occupations was a radio jockey for his local town’s radio station in El Salvador, he was exposed early on to the vast catalog known locally as Música Americana, or American Music, which included the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac to name a few. His father’s musical inclinations also extended heavily to the movement of Spanish romantic balladeers which included the likes of Jose Luis Perales, Camilo Sesto and Julio Iglesias. It was in these that Ces was first exposed to the poetic lyricism in spanish romantic songs. The civil war forced his family to migrate to Melbourne, Australia where he was further influenced by the eclectic sounds brought about by the country’s dynamic multiculturalism. It was in Australia where at the age of 10 he began learning piano and picked up his first guitar, thus beginning the long journey of his eventual musicianship. The war having ended in his native El Salvador, the family returned there to settle permanently. It was during this period that Ces was exposed to the writing of national poet Alfredo Espino and brass band music by joining his school’s banda de guerra (marching band), learning to play alto sax and valve trombone. These two occurrences sowed the seeds deeply in his psyche that music and writing would somehow continue to play a prominent role in his life. When he was 15 the family resettled back in Australia not before having spent almost 2 years in Costa Rica with his extended family. Upon returning to Australia, the guitar took centre-fold in his musical wanderings influenced by bands like U2, REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Santana and Maná. At 18 he formed his first band along with his brother Dennis. It would be the beginning of strong musical relationship that continues to this day. Together, they formed various outfits, Carnaval, Santa Fe, The Outremer and ultimately Thomcords with whom he released their first EP All Roads Lead Home, a project which he continues to be part of to this day. He took up tertiary musical studies at both Monash and Victoria University where the highly jazz-based syllabi exposed him to a vast, new musical landscape. In the Australian winter of 2014, Ces began to independently record his debut solo EP All’s Not Lost. The EP covers a wide range of songs written over more than 10 years as well as wide range of musical styles including bossa nova, rock, elements of funk, jazz and American folk music. Ces set out to track most of the instrumentation himself as well as involving some of Melbourne’s best session musicians. The record treats themes of love, loss and the innate human longing to connect with another.